Bonnie "Prince" Billy "Blindlessness" (video)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 'Blindlessness' (video)
Pensive and pooch-filled is Bonnie "Prince" Billy's new video for "Blindlessness," a stirring, simple clip that presents the bearded folk figure born Will Oldham pondering his direction while blindfolded.

A spotted bandana obscures his eyes in the clip, with close-up shots instead examining subtle facial twists and contortions as he ruminates on his current state of discomfort ("it's like a dog is standing on my face"). A small pup walks around a lit-up room before cuddling with the Prince and also makes a few tiny yelps throughout the extra spacious arrangement.

Visual collaborator Kyle Armstrong's video blesses these tender but tormented lines ("Why can't I take what I have seen and get far away from here") with various washes of retina-burning light and intimate shots of the singer-songwriter.

"Blindlessness" arrives as a B-side on a new single release supportingĀ Singer's Grave: A Sea of Tongues's "Mindlessness." It lands next Tuesday (January 27) through Drag City.