Bon Iver's S. Carey Announces Solo Debut

Bon Iver's S. Carey Announces Solo Debut
To most people, the best way to explain who Sean Carey is would be to call him one of the dudes in Bon Iver who isn't Justin Vernon. Fortunately, Carey is set to carve out a niche for himself as he prepares his solo debut under the abbreviated name S. Carey. The album is called All We Grow, and promises to showcase the many different sides of this talented multi-instrumentalist.

According to a press release, "All We Grow is a convergence of Carey's 'Waltz for Debby'-era Bill Evans-inflected jazz tendencies, and traditional rock band experience, taking leads from Mark Hollis's Talk Talk. It also retests the waters of modern classical composition, investigating the moodiness generated by percussive repetition in a manner familiar to fans of Steve Reich."

That's one of the most compelling artist descriptions we've read in a while, and lead single "In the Dirt" continues that sentiment with a flurry of percussive sounds, piano and Carey's vocal track. Check out the track for yourself here.

Jagjaguwar will release All We Grow on August 24. All We Grow:

1. "Move"

2. "We Fell"

3. "In the Dirt"

4. "Rothko Fields"

5. "Mothers"

6. "Action"

7. "In the Stream"

8. "All We Grow"

9. "Broken"