Bodychoke Cold River Songs

Generally slotted in amongst the post-punk movement, Bodychoke were clearly more deserving of placement within the noise metal contingent. Their moody, unnerving tunes were massive displays of embittered torment relayed with patience and attention to detail. Sadly, this is also why they were so criminally overlooked. Far from an instant gratification sort of band, their final effort, 1999's Cold River Songs, takes multiple listens to fully appreciate. However, when its barbs take hold one realizes this affair can be darker than Celtic Frost and full of more nooks and crannies than the most experimental industrial outfit. The pinnacle of esoteric metal, maybe this time around Cold River Songs — re-released with bonus tracks and full lyrics, in all their depressed glory — will garner the praise and adoration it's so fully deserving of. (Relapse)