Blood Orange's Full 'Palo Alto' Score Released

Blood Orange's Full 'Palo Alto' Score Released
Blood Orange songwriter Devonté Hynes scored James Franco's new film Palo Alto, but when the soundtrack emerged this spring, only two of Hynes' original cuts were included. Now, his full score has been released.

Palo Alto (Original Motion Picture Score) was released on iTunes today (June 2) through Domino. A pressing on magenta-coloured vinyl will follow on August 5; this variant is available in a limited edition of 500 copies, and can be pre-ordered here.

There are 18 tracks in total, including the previously released soundtrack cuts "Palo Alto" and "April's Daydream." Most of the tracks are fairly short — only four of them exceed the two-minute mark — so all 18 fit onto a single record.

Scroll past the tracklist to hear "April's Bathroom Bummer," which finds Hynes crooning over urgent hi-hats and purring woodwinds.

Palo Alto (Original Motion Picture Score):

1. Palo Alto
2. Soccer Field
3. Teddy & April
4. April's Daydream
5. Run to Graveyard
6. April's Bathroom Bummer
7. Emily & Fred (Part 1)
8. Emily & Fred (Part 2)
9. Teddy Rides Home
10. Teddy & Fred in the Playground
11. Teddy in the Library
12. Big Game
13. April Bounces
14. Skateboard Garage
15. Teddy Loves April
16. April By the Pool
17. Fred Drives
18. Teddy Is Crushed