The Bloggers The Bloggers

While a name like the Bloggers might suggest some sexed-up dance punk, ironic hip-hop or whatever else is hot right now, this Vancouver four-piece are truly one-of-a-kind. Playing straightforward rock’n’roll with Malkmus-like vocals through a lo-fi noise rock lens, the Bloggers’ self-titled debut demonstrates their ability to go in any direction without sacrificing their identity. At a whopping 30 tracks, their debut full-length is filled with catchy songs that rarely break the two-minute mark, allowing the listener a ton of diversity regardless of attention span. Opener "National Pastime” turns a distorted bass line into a memorable anthem. "Friday Night IV” and "Snake Woman” up the ante with a busy full band. As the record continues, the Bloggers cover everything from soft-spoken indie rock ("Exercise”) to straight-up rock’n’roll ("Special Forces”). Characterised by an unpretentious approach to songwriting and a willingness to experiment, the Bloggers’ debut full-length is refreshingly timeless, which ironically puts them at odds with the hype machine. (Hockey Dad)