Blog Claims to Have Copy of Chinese Democracy, Album Delivered to Geffen

Blog Claims to Have Copy of <i>Chinese Democracy</i>, Album Delivered to Geffen
Chinese Democracy, the punch line of a much-delayed album from Guns N’ Roses, came close to reality Wednesday when hard rock blog Antiquiet posted a media player streaming cuts from the allegedly completed album. Many of the leaked tracks, including "Better” and "Madagascar,” surfaced sometime last year, but the inclusion of new untitled material suggested its legitimacy.

As of Wednesday night, the songs were removed from the posting titled "We’ve Got Chinese Democracy, And It’s Worth The Wait” thanks to a cease and desist order from the band. Still, the possibility of Chinese Democracy coming out in 2008 is appears to be almost possible. Representatives from Geffen recently told NME that Axl hand-delivered a finished copy of the album to them, and they are currently negotiating payment for the $13 million hesh-fest.

The prospect of a new GNR record in 2008 is sweetened for Americans, who just might get a free Dr. Pepper out of the deal.