Blink-182's Mark Hoppus Starts New Project: Nothing and Nobody

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus Starts New Project: Nothing and Nobody
Blink-182 might be prepping another album, but chances are we could hear new music out of bassist Mark Hoppus even before that. The longtime pop-punker has revealed that he's started up a new band called Nothing and Nobody, who have an album coming out in the "not too distant future."

News of the project came late last week through Hoppus's Twitter account, where, over a series of messages, he explained that he put together the project with engineer/producer Chris Holmes during some downtime from Blink-182.

"While Travis [Barker] and I have waited for Blink-182 to get back into the studio this past year, I started working on a project with my friend Chris, who has worked on Grammy award-winning albums, and been my collaborator and confidant for many years," he wrote, adding of their developing catalogue, "At this point we have nearly 25 songs in various stages of completion."

So far, Nothing and Nobody have posted a remix of rapper Nova Rockafeller's "1990s," which you can hear down below. Yesterday (April 29), the project also posted an update from the studio, noting that they were working on "better bass parts" for an upcoming track.

In related news, Hoppus posted a similar recording program pic in February, noting that they were demos for an upcoming Blink-182 release, though it's unclear when we can expect to hear the final results out of the long-running trio.

More recently, it was revealed that Blink drummer Travis Barker had been in the studio with Run the Jewels, helping the rap project out with their in-the-works sophomore album.