Blimp Rock "In the Doghouse" (video)

Blimp Rock 'In the Doghouse' (video)
Poor Blimp Rock! Last week, the quirky Toronto band made a tongue-in-cheek announcement about how they were demanding $700,000 from the Blue Jays after supposedly coining the #ComeTogether playoff slogan. The band ended up getting so much hate mail that they have now devoted an entire music video to sharing it all.

The Sophomore Slump track "In the Doghouse" is a melancholic ballad about personal strife, and the song serves as the gloomy sonic backdrop to a string of social media messages attacking Blimp Rock for their claim against the Blue Jays. Many of these commenters appear to have taken the band's supposed legal threats seriously, as they accuse Blimp Rock of stupidity and/or ripping off the Beatles; others seem to recognize the whole thing as a farce, but attack the band for their publicity-snagging stunt.

Hopefully all of this attention — negative or positive — helps the band to complete their goal of funding a music festival on blimp.

Watch the clip below, and read about the group's #ComeTogether claim that sparked this whole mess here.