Blectum From Blechdom Haus De Snaus

Oakland's Blectum From Blechdom are a dream come true. For anyone who ever felt slightly abnormal, whether it was from an impure thought about a close friend, a moment of perverted weakness during a Saturday morning cartoon, or even just the impulse to make your gummy bears have sex and then bite their heads off, Haus De Snaus is the soundtrack for you. Led by bLevin bLectum and kevin bLechdom, BFB play on your fears and your sense of humour. From the opening Boards of Canada gone awry of "Rock Mallard," a "not in Kansas anymore" feeling swoops around in your stomach. "Shithole" uses a sound like rusty bedsprings throughout and "Knock Knock" is a music box on the brink of destruction. Add the machinegun beats and Willy Wonka music of "Bastard Child" and you have some corrupt musicians here. Then again, nothing can quite compare to the short conversational skits placed in between most songs. "Love Leter," in particular, will either make you wet your pants or give you permanent nightmares, with its talk about wanting to rip open someone's chest to stick your head inside so you can be closer them. Sick, sick stuff. For anyone who ever thought Add N To (X) were a little disturbing, listen to this. (Tigerbeat6)