Blastcaps Blastcaps

Considering that there are so many crappy punk bands in this country, I'm always somewhat comforted when Canadian bands put out good records. Toronto's Blastcaps have done just that, drawing on their experience and appreciation for mid-'80s punk rawk. Formed from the remnants of a bevy of Toronto bands, most notably the vastly under-recognised Blundermen, Blastcaps 11-track debut recalls such Midwest bands as Naked Raygun and Pegboy. Their up-tempo, melodic drive is delivered with the surging power of a slapshot, and the socially aware lyrics pack a mighty powerful punch as well. About the only thing this record has going against it is the sound quality, which is a little thin. But the power of the songs is more often than not enough to get you past that. (Battersea)