Black Mountain's Amber Webber Teams Up with Cave Singers' Derek Fudesco as Kodiak Deathbeds

Black Mountain's Amber Webber Teams Up with Cave Singers' Derek Fudesco as Kodiak Deathbeds
The members of Vancouver psych rock unit Black Mountain are currently out and about promoting various side-projects, with the latest outside act to be revealed being vocalist Amber Webber's folk-flavoured Kodiak Deathbeds.

A Facebook profile for the band was created in June, with actual posts having begun earlier this month. Kodiak Deathbeds pairs Webber with Cave Singers guitarist Derek Fudesco, and while their overall plans remain unclear, they've unveiled a few low-key though lovely tunes.

Down below, you'll find the delicately picked, back-porch arrangements of "Rattle & Roar" and "We Found a Home," both marked with the familiarly passionate, slightly Southern-style vibrato of Webber. An as-yet-untitled song was also teased in a quick video showcasing the warming glow of a lava lamp.

It has yet to be specified if the tracks are online-only or, perhaps, if they'll be issued at a later date through Black Mountain and Cave Singers' shared label home, Jagjaguwar.

While Black Mountain haven't issued a proper LP since 2010's Wilderness Heart, the bulk of the band members have had a busy 2014.

Stephen McBean issued his Pink Mountaintops' Get Back in the spring and will deliver his hardcore band Obliterations' Poison Everything LP on October 28 through Southern Lord.

Black Mountain synth guru Jeremy Schmidt has his Beyond the Black Rainbow soundtrack, recorded as Sinoia Caves, coming out Tuesday (September 2) via Jagjaguwar/Death Waltz. You can stream the album over here.

As for drummer Joshua Wells, he recently started up Sur Une Plage with Hard Drugs member Colin McKill and the pair have been issuing online singles throughout the year. He and Webber also issued Fantasy, their third album as Lightning Dust, in 2013.

Additionally, Webber just popped up on the Dan Bejar duet "Born with a Sound," from the New Pornographers' Brill Bruisers.