Black Heel Marks

"Switch" (video)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 3, 2013

We recently learned that Don Pyle had teamed up with a host of talented Canadian musicians for a mysterious project called Black Heel Marks, and they will release Feel Free on June 25 through Northern Research/Outside Music. Now, we've got a video from that album in the form of "Switch."

This tune is a frantic rocker that sports a quirky mix of squalling synths, punchy electro beats, and yelps of "I think I'm going to be sick." The video is a fittingly strange affair filled with garish white makeup, tacky jewellery and grotesque facial expressions. Check it out below.

Feel Free features the likes of Dallas Good of the Sadies, Sandro Perri, KP Kendall of Girl Trouble, Kevin Lynn and Kevan Byrne of King Cobb Steelie, Dave Evans of the Soupcans, Jonny Dovercourt of Republic of Safety, Wilmer Henderson III, Alanna Stuart of Bonjay, and more.

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