Black Flag Unveil New 'What The...' Album

Black Flag Unveil New 'What The...' Album
With all the recent legal turmoil between Black Flag founder Greg Ginn and his former bandmates now performing in FLAG, we've almost forgotten that Ginn announced earlier this year that his iconic punk outfit are about to issue their first LP since the '80s. Now, the details have surfaced on the record, titled What The..., and it doesn't look pretty.

A listing for the LP has popped up on iTunes  [via Brooklyn Vegan], and the album is apparently set to drop November 5 through Ginn's SST imprint.

As you'll see up above, the cover art is gasp-inducing, looking something like a South Park character giving us the devil horns after getting juiced off a bag of Fun Dip. Clearly they couldn't get Raymond Pettibon (a.k.a. Ginn's brother and OFF! art supplier) back on board to supply his familiarly twisted work.

The album itself weighs in with 22 songs, including previously released funk-punk tune "Down in the Dirt" and the more traditional rager "The Chase." Other song titles include "This is Hell," "Slow Your Ass Down" and the unfortunately prescient "You Gotta Be Joking."

It must be said that while the LP info exists on iTunes, Black Flag have yet to formally announce the LP on their end. They do have some tour dates coming up in Puerto Rico and Australia, though. You can find out the show details over here.

What The...:

1. My Heart's Pumping

2. Down in the Dirt

3. Blood and Ashes

4. Now Is the Time

5. Wallow in Despair

6. Slow Your Ass Down

7. It's so Absurd

8. Shut Up

9. This Is Hell

10. Go Away

11. The Bitter End

12. The Chase

13. I'm Sick

14. It's Not My Time to Go-Go

15. Lies

16. Get Out of My Way

17. Outside

18. No Teeth

19. To Hell and Back

20. Give Me All Your Dough

21. You Gotta Be Joking

22. Off My Shoulders