Black Atlass 'The Black Atlas EP' / "Castles" (video)

Black Atlass 'The Black Atlas EP' / 'Castles' (video)
London, ON's Alex Fleming wasn't even old enough to vote when he recorded his debut EP as Black Atlass. Now 18, the electronic songwriter has released The Black Atlass EP as a free download, in addition to dropping a new video.

Fleming recorded these dark, R&B-leaning tracks in his basement while still in high school. According to a press sheet, his influences include Frank Zappa, Frank Ocean and Prince. The EP was mastered and reissued on Tuesday (August 21). Download it for free right here.

Watch a video for the smouldering, noise-drenched track "Castles" below. The clip effectively conveys the song's nocturnal mood, although it strangely cuts down the three-and-a-half-minute EP version to just two minutes.

The Black Atlass EP:

1. Castles

2. Ways

3. The Black Dog

4. Hills

5. Paris (Interlude)

6. Paris