BJ the Chicago Kid "Church" (ft. Chance the Rapper, Buddy) (video)

BJ the Chicago Kid 'Church' (ft. Chance the Rapper, Buddy) (video)
"Hopefully, we can go to heaven, because I'm stayin'" BJ the Chicago Kid sings on his In My Mind single "Church." That might be a bit of wishful thinking from the R&B artist, considering the sinning he's in for in the new video for the number.

As that hook would imply, Kid is seen spending time with a woman who "wants to drink, do drugs and have sex tonight," and is later found reconciling with the lord. Throughout the clip, he's either with the lady whose curves have got him on swerve, or meeting up with Buddy and Chance the Rapper at church.

You'll find the smooth crooner trying to maintain the balance between good and evil — two very relative terms, we might add — down below.

An official due date has yet to be revealed behind BJ the Chicago Kid's In My Mind, but it's also said to feature appearances from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, OG Maco, Jay Rock and more.