Bitcrush In Distance

Mike Cadoo, aka Bitcrush, has focused on making emotional music in the past through post-industrial project Gridlock and solo as Dryft. Cadoo’s latest work as Bitcrush, however, has gone even further into the realm of emotional electronics, mostly sounding like a hip take on new age music for meditation and relaxation. The opening track, "Post,” begins with spacey synth washes before a melodic bass guitar line drops things down low. From there the composition opens up when the drums drop and mellow electric guitar plucking add to the atmosphere before vocals heavily doused in reverb come in. Slowly from there the epic song evaporates into thin air before the strong finish, ending at the nine-minute mark. Many of the tracks are well over eight minutes long, making for epic moments that seem to last forever without dragging. "Every Ghost Has it’s Spectre” shows Cadoo’s strength as a singer-songwriter with dreamy vocals sung in a round and beautiful harmony layered on top. Although this is considered an "electronic” album, the instrumentation proves otherwise while the structure and feel of the songs is more akin to ambient music or down-tempo breaks than rock music. However, the material on this album could make for a great live show with a traditional four-piece band of drums, guitar, bass and synth. (n5MD)