Bison Sign With Metal Blade

Bison Sign With Metal Blade
Bison, the current heroes of East Vancouver's heavy metal scene, have just announced their signing with metal heavyweights Metal Blade, the label responsible for legendary releases from Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, the Black Dahlia Murder, and many more.

To understand the shear "heaviosity” this band possess, one need look no further than their MySpace influences list: "Riffs, man. Important love of the riff. Honestly loving the shit that you do. You would just, like, do anything for the riff. It's like your child: you create it, and you nurture it, and it grows and it grows, and it turns into this fucking amazing thing that you would die for, because it's your fucking child. And then you send it out into the world, and it destroys things."

The band are currently working on their Metal Blade debut Earthbound with Vancouver producer Jesse Gander at the Hive Studios, and expect to release it in the fall . In the mean time, you can catch the band on one of their upcoming dates in Vancouver, Kelowna, Vancouver Island, and Calgary’s Sled Island Festival.

Bison tour dates:

6/25 Calgary AB, Ship & Anchor Pub
6/26 Kelowna BC, Habitat
7/17 Vancouver BC, The Plaza Club
7/18 Victoria BC, Sugar Nightclub
7/19 Nanaimo BC, Green Mountain Festival
7/20 Courtney BC, Lucky’s