Bishop Morocco Bishop Morocco

Though they live in Toronto, ON now, Jake Fairley and Jim Sayce wanted to bring back parts of Europe to Canada after living in a Netherlands town for a period. This debut album marks a refreshing point, having this sound (think, down-tempo Cut Copy) come out of Toronto. The woozy, slow dance beats are like the early morning dregs of club land, affirming yet sleepy in their new wave/indie mix ― picture people silently nodding their heads or bending their knees in time to the pace as lights dim around them. The vocals are often a drone, masked behind a screen of distortion, at times sounding underwater or high up in the sky, while the layered keyboards, electric guitar and drums hop and glide around. At times, the combination gets too too woozy and loses its grip. The album is a significant start for the duo, but there's still much to look forward to. (Hand Drawn Dracula)