Billy Nayer Show Return To Brigadoon

Return To Brigadoon is the band's fourth full-length CD, and it is all over the place - in a good way. Singer Cory McAbee's style ranges from sinister narration to near-operatic depending on the situation, while there is an equal amount of variety in the music, too - they play with styles the way that other bands play with tempos. At best it is inspired, at worst it is simply average, but it is never anything less than interesting. At times, they seem to use the same lyrical games too many times - word play and puns are fine, but only in moderation. But just when you think they are all flash and no substance, they manage to pull a song like "Apartment #5" or "The Cat, The Crow and The Snake" out of their arsenal and you realise that there is something curiously striking about the Billy Nayer Show. And with short films, musicals, books, art and notorious live shows in their repertoire, you can't help but feel that their recorded work is just scratching the surface. (BSG)