Billy Corgan to Revisit His Pre-Smashing Pumpkins Work with Massive Demos Project

Billy Corgan to Revisit His Pre-Smashing Pumpkins Work with Massive Demos Project
Steadily unearthing even more music from his archive, Smashing Pumpkins founder Billy Corgan has revealed plans to release upwards of 800 demos chronicling his teenage days.

The alt-rock icon revealed the monolithic move in a recent blog post, calling the project "a multi-volume collection of home demos from 1985-1990." The good news is that Corgan says this means he could potentially be unveiling 800 unreleased tracks for the faithful. That said, he's being upfront with the fact that his teenage years didn't always yield the sweetest of fruit.

Giving us a "word of caution," Corgan further explains in a statement that "these 'works' are all over the place in terms of quality, etc, as I was just a kid of 18 when I started making my own recordings; and not only do my influences show a little too hard in places, but so do my inadequacies as a sound engineer."

Though details have yet to be delivered on any volumes, Corgan says that previews of all the tracks will be made available ahead of time since "many are instrumental or 'vibey' in nature and may not appeal to everyone." He also added that he didn't start singing on his tracks until he was about 19.

The songs have yet to be mixed for vinyl, but Corgan expects the first volume to be issued sometime in the next two to three months, with the package weighing in as either a double or triple LP.

The demos series is just one of many upcoming projects Corgan will be offering up in the near future. September 23 sees a deluxe edition release of Adore via Virgin/UMe, with a re-release of 2000's Machina/The Machines of Gods also in the works. Don't forget, Smashing Pumpkins are also putting work into new LPs Monuments to an Elegy and Day for Night, with the arrival times for either album still TBA.