Big Screen Yours Today, Mine Tomorrow

As the first notes ring out on the Big Screen’s debut, the first thought that will inevitably come to the listener is: "Wow, that dude really wants to be in New Found Glory.” As it turns out, the connection between the two bands is closer than sound. Singer Daniel Pudnik is the brother of NFG lead singer Jordan, and the vocal resemblance is uncanny. Whereas Jordan has access to a multitude of pitch correction effects and studio wizardry, Daniel is forced to rely on nothing but his trusty chords, with a result that sounds almost identical to his brother’s early, non-major label effort Nothing Gold Can Stay. Featuring the same kind of honesty and hooky songwriting that made that record so compelling, Yours Today is a worthwhile EP for fans of catchy pop-punk. While no new ground is broken, hearts certainly are, and the sadness that drives the songs here makes for some memorable moments. (Undecided)