Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Save My Soul

At this point most swing band’s albums just kind of feel sad. Still, they’ve all just invested too much money in shitty suspenders and saddle shoes to give it up. So, they come off like that last pathetic bastard on the dance floor after a party is over, dancing his heart out knowing that it’s back to a world that just won’t accept the phrase "Daddy-O” once it all ends. Bearing this in mind, BBVD’s Save My Soul is just as good as anything the band has ever done, but like Hammer pants and coke whores, its time has passed. The disc shows the band offering its usual mixture of swing, blues and even tinges of burlesque all with excellent musicianship; but if any other band showed as much lack of progression over the course of their career they would be panned for it. So, in a time when big beat has been replaced by Casio drum machines, this album feels totally pointless. (Vanguard)