Beyoncé Sued by YouTube Star's Estate over "Formation" Sample

Beyoncé Sued by YouTube Star's Estate over 'Formation' Sample
While Beyoncé is in full-blown baby mode, her lawyers will still have to answer for an uncleared sample on last year's "Formation" single. The Black Lives Matter call-to-action featured a snippet from late YouTube star Messy Mya, and now Mya's estate is asking to be reimbursed.

As TMZ reports, the estate of Messy Mya (born Anthony Barré) has just filed suit against Beyoncé demanding $20 million USD in back royalties and other damages.

There's no denying that "Formation" utilizes a straight-up audio sample from Mya's video "A 27-Piece Huh?" Check out both videos below for proof.

Mya's estate claims they approached Beyoncé about the lifted material, but didn't receive a response. As such, they've taken matters to court.

Messy Mya was a famous and somewhat controversial YouTube personality. He was murdered in 2010 shortly after "A 27-Piece Huh?" was posted online.