​Beyoncé Has Been Turned into a 3D-Printed Christmas Tree Topper

​Beyoncé Has Been Turned into a 3D-Printed Christmas Tree Topper
Beyoncé has proven herself the queen of Christmas merch in recent years, but she's also become the inspiration for someone else's unusual holiday décor.
The Lemonade singer has been transformed into a 3D-printed tree topper by Women to Look Up To. Replacing the generic star or angel atop traditional Christmas trees, the Beyoncé-fied version features Queen Bey decked out in a dramatic white get-up, complete with massive angel wings and a microphone.
Upon initial inspection, this one's looking leaps and bounds better than previously unveiled wax and cheese sculptures of Mrs. Carter.
She's not the only inspirational lady who you can literally look up to on the tree, though. The makers have also created decorations celebrating Bey's presidential nominee of choice, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her "Sorry" video co-star Serena Williams.
Each of the tree toppers are being sold for £80 (about $135 CAD), and they're available here. There are also packs of greeting cards featuring Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie and Adele.
The tree toppers are in such high demand that the makers can no longer get one to you before Christmas, but provided Bey doesn't quash the entrepreneurial idea, à la Bïeryoncé, you could be looking up to her for the 2018 festive season.