The Beverleys Reveal 'Brutal' LP

The Beverleys Reveal 'Brutal' LP
Last year, Toronto "junk punk" trio the Beverleys signed with Buzz Records for a self-titled debut EP. Now, more than a year later, the group have officially announced their debut full-length for the label, as Brutal will be out on November 6.

The album was produced by Josh Korody (of Beliefs, Wish and Breeze) and Shehzaad Jiwani (of Greys), and it apparently represents a step up from the sonic quality of the band's past releases.

Frontwoman Susan Burke explained the genesis of the album with the following statement:

We spent a summer together in a house in the countryside of Niagara getting up to lots of no good. I'm always afraid of things unseen, and I saw a lot of that there in the shadows of the woods in the middle of the night. Eyes in the trees, animal howls, maybe movements in the dark, maybe just fear, paranoia, anxiety. No doubt it's tied to the feeling of being threatened by relationships and things in my own life at the time — who demands what of me, who makes me feel guilty and for what, a sense of being under attack and a disappointment. But at the same time, there's a numbness and a boredom in constantly feeling this way, and time passes by with these feelings that suck and nothing changes you want to feel propelled into action and get the hell away.

The 10-song tracklist is below. It features the single "Hoodwink," which was released last fall, as the closing track. That song, along with the newly unveiled grunge-pop cut "Visions," can be heard at the bottom of this page.

The band's tour schedule is also below.


1. Bad Company 
2. Kissing with Braces 
3. Anyway 
4. Visions 
5. Stamp Glue
6. Lemonade 
7. Hush 
8. Spaced 
9. Promises 
10. Hoodwink

Tour dates:

09/11 Ottawa, ON - Pressed *
09/16 Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal
09/25 St. Catharines, ON - Detour ^
09/26-27 Kitchener, ON - TBA

* with No Aloha
^ with Standards