Benoît Pioulard Returns with 'Hymnal'

Benoît Pioulard Returns with 'Hymnal'
Hard-working ambient experimentalist Benoît Pioulard (aka Thomas Meluch) has developed a strong work ethic over the years, peppering his discography with offshoot releases like 2011's Benoît Honoré Pioulard Plays Thelma between his acclaimed solo albums. Rather than tinker with side-projects, however, the artist has returned to Kranky for his fourth album proper.

Called Hymnal, the record was written and recorded while Meluch was living in England and Europe. In that time, a press release explains that "the ubiquity of religious iconography and grandiose cathedrals became an unexpected muse."

The press release continues to explain that, while far from religious himself, Meluch used iconography as a starting point for the album. It states, "He notes a particular preoccupation with the ways that faith offers a sense of solace and belonging in an existence that inherently provides none, framed in a context of tradition, ritual and the notion of the eternal."

Hymnal includes guest appearances from Felix, who provided string arrangements, and Kyle Bobby Dunn, who contributed guitar.

Kranky will release Hymnal on March 4. An album teaser is available below.


1. Mercy
2. Hawkeye
3. Reliquary
4. Homily
5. Excave
6. Gospel
7. Florid
8. Margin
9. Censer
10. Litiya
11. Knell
12. Foxtail