Benjamin Muñoz Dear Ennui

Benjamin Muñoz Dear Ennui
Boredom is a funny thing; some people wallow in it, while others use it as a means of inspiration. For Hamilton-based producer Benjamin Muñoz, the idea of boredom helped feed the creation of his latest release.
As evidenced by the title, Dear Ennui is a confessional EP. Muñoz uses the release as a platform to ruminate on the idea of ennui — or "spiritual boredom" — and its various subtleties. "The vocals," he says in the album's press release, "are meant to be an inner dialogue between myself and the personification of ennui." This form of auditory back and forth engages the listener in a kind of intimate conversation reminiscent of analog epistolary traditions. As such, it offers a unique and direct line into the young producer's mind.    
Musically, Dear Ennui is sound and mature. The majority of the four tracks bear comparison to a splendid jazz scat, with Muñoz seamlessly flitting between the genres of jazz, funk and electronic. The title track is filled with bubbling whirs and bops that speak to the artist's affinity for anime; in particular, he draws inspiration from the likes of Cowboy Bebop and the compositions of Yoko Kanno.
Dear Ennui is a vivacious, lively and deliciously spirited electronic record on which Benjamin Muñoz showcases his deft ability to perfect organized improvisation while delivering a final product that is both innovative and sophisticated. (HAVN Records)