Ben Stevenson "Still"

Ben Stevenson 'Still'
Ben Stevenson's upcoming Dirty Laundry EP is poised to push the veteran musician into a new, modern R&B-exploring direction, but some habits die hard. Namely, the guy softly sings of the lingering effects of long-gone romances in his latest preview, "Still."

A beneath-the-covers bass line provided by producers Ango and Michael Imperial rumbles through the intro, with the track further blanketed by gigantic snap rhythms and the melting, trickled six-string flourishes. Stevenson's falsetto is both nostalgic and optimistic about the future, coming to terms with the passage of time despite the occasional nostalgic moment ("feel like I can taste it," he admits with a conflicted sigh).

You can take in the effects of Stevenson's leftover romantic residue down below, courtesy of The Fader.

Dirty Laundry shakes itself out in full November 4 through Culvert Music.