Ben From Corduroy Fab Guiro!

Trying to cover the Beatles is problematic at best, so entire albums of Beatles songs are hit or miss. Unless, of course, you are the Beatles. But Ben From Corduroy, a collection of Spanish and German musicians, are not, and so their attempts to rearrange a dozen songs in the vein of '60s Tropicália could potentially be a little painful. Fortunately they aren't, and Fab Guiro! is a lot more enjoyable than it has any right to be. Picking some less obvious songs has helped keep things fresh, such as "Good Day Sunshine" and "Taxman," although nobody really needs to hear another version of "Ob La Di, Ob La Da." There really isn't that much new or unique here because the likes of Sergio Mendes did this kind of thing a long, long time ago, and so there's no real reason to search this out. If you do come across it by chance, there are worse ways to waste 35 minutes. (Unique/Sony)