'Leaper' (album stream)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 12, 2015

Toronto polymath Josh Korody already released an album as Nailbiter earlier this fall, but now he's back with a new effort with his shoegaze band Beliefs. With Leaper coming out tomorrow (November 13) on Hand Drawn Dracula, the entire LP is available to stream now.

Self-produced and mixed by Korody at his Candle Recording studio in Toronto, the 10-song collection begins with "Tidal Wave," as shrieks of feedback give way to a jackhammer drum fill that explodes into a wall of fuzz and whammy bar dives. The vocals are hazy and tuneful, while the distortion remains in the red. This sets the tone for the album, as the clean strums of "Drown" and the bleary intro of "Swooner" are the only time when the band ease off on the full-scale sonic assault.

Hear the album below.

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