Beheaded Only Death Can Save You

Beheaded Only Death Can Save You
Malta's Beheaded return with their sixth full-length to date, Only Death Can Save You, a natural successor to 2017's Beast Incarnate, offering up the perfect balance of old-school and modern death metal that the band have mastered, particularly over their past few releases.
"The Charlatan's Enunciation" starts things off with an onslaught of aggressive riffs and rapid-fire technical drum blasts, while "Evil Be to Him Who Evil Seeks" highlights Frank Calleja's distinct, abrasive vocals. "A Greater Terror" features a variety of tempos and is a stellar example of the classic, old-school death metal sound that Beheaded established with 1998's Perpetual Mockery.
The diversity of tracks throughout Only Death Can Save You is refreshing, as the thrash-style "Unholy Man" contrasts with the slow, trudging tones on "Embrace Your Messiah." Even within a single track like "The Papist Devil," the band go from whiplash fast riffs to intense, sludgy grooves with seamless ease and precision.
Only Death Can Save You is a well-rounded, superbly written and exceptionally produced record. After several lineup changes over the band's 25-year career, this release showcases Beheaded at their strongest and most focussed. (Agonia)