Volkswagen and Beach House Issue Statements about Alleged Song Theft

Volkswagen and Beach House Issue Statements about Alleged Song Theft
Last month, Beach House were allegedly ripped off by a Volkswagen commercial that included a near-identical copy of their song "Take Care," a tune that the agency responsible for the ad had unsuccessfully attempted to license from the band, according to reports. Now, both Beach House and Volkswagen have issued new statements about the incident.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal [via Pitchfork], Volkswagen claimed to have reached out to several bands, including Beach House, before ultimately commissioning a new track.

The company said, "We greatly respect the talent of Beach House and never set out to replicate a specific song of theirs or anyone else's. Most important to us was to find a track which matched the narrative of the advert, telling the story of the daughter's growing up and the evolving relationship with her father, and we believe we have achieved this in the final edits."

But Beach House certainly didn't buy Volkswagen's statement. In response, they tweeted, "VW cop out big time."

The band's manager, Jason Foster, told the Wall Street Journal, "When someone takes Beach House's vibe and puts it into a commercial, it tarnishes what they've done on their own."

The band are reportedly considering a lawsuit but are wary about the costs.

Meanwhile, Beach House just unveiled a new video and a tour. Something tells us that they won't be driving between tour stops in a VW.