Beefs 2011: Metric Call Out Glenn Beck for Using Their Song

Beefs 2011: Metric Call Out Glenn Beck for Using Their Song
There's always been a political undercurrent to Metric's music, from the anti-war messages of "Succexy" and "I.O.U." to the commentary on the glorification of violence in "Stadium Love." Given that their political sentiments appear to fall on the left side of the spectrum, the group were unsurprisingly angry to learn that their song "Rock Me Now" was being used by conservative political commentator Glenn Beck for his radio show.

As documented on Metric's official website, a Pittsburgh, PA-based fan named Thomas Horn wrote to the band in March, informing them that their song was being used by the pundit for his Glenn Beck Program. Horn wrote, "it's a really bummer when i hear it (i listen to Beck for comedic value only)."

Two weeks later (April 7), Metric singer Emily Haines wrote back a lengthy response, explaining that the band had no idea their song was being used. She added, "No, we didn't give Glenn Beck permission to use our music. That guy's my nightmare!"

Even though the band didn't give Beck permission to use the track, he actually wasn't breaking any copyright laws by using it. The radio station broadcasting his show had purchased a "blanket licence" from the publisher, which gave them the right to play the song whenever they wanted.

Luckily, the matter was quickly resolved. Haines explained, "To their credit, they stopped using our song right away when we asked, even though legally they didn't even have to. Wow, imagine if they hadn't offered to drop it? I'm really happy I didn't have to take them on. I have a feeling good old Glenn has one hell of a legal team. "

The singer added, "Why Metric? Is it about co-opting the lefties? Did he mistake me for someone demanding to see Obama's birth certificate?"

Even though this one is now resolved, it's a little disconcerting to know that a Canadian indie rock band was being used to promote the guy who spearheaded the controversial Restoring Honor rally.

Read the back-and-forth between Haines and Horn, as well as the letter from Beck's legal team, over at Metric's website.