Beau Balon and Foody Cornwell House of the Fancy Virus

Hip-hop recluse Beau Balon and his vocally pitch-shifted alter ego Foody Cornwell return with another extremely limited edition collection of basement recordings. Wilmington, OH’s Beau Balon is a basic meat & potatoes rap artist with simple but funky instrumental loops and witty, often humorous lyrics. While both rappers get their own solo tracks to express their demented loves and odd observations, this six-song EP works best when Foody and Beau trade raps on their two truly collaborative efforts, "Deadly Substances” and "Death Angel and Spirit Horse.” Both tracks are a just a little bit faster, the flows are flawless and each MC spits more memorable lines per song than anywhere else on House of the Fancy Virus. "My Baby is a Pine Cone” is also an interesting song that examines the fine line between unrequited love and stalking. HOTFV is held together by a comedic collection of cartoon samples about viruses used as interludes between songs and as the intro and outro. And as always, Beau has hand-numbered each CD and provides some great artwork for the cover. A nice little release of quirky hip-hop for fans looking for something a little different. (Independent)