Bardo Pond Dilate

Philadelphia psyche rockers Bardo Pond have always released records that deserve multiple spins. If you were going to compare past releases to anything, it would most likely be to the heavier guitar-based bands of their first wave of German Krautrock. Their new record is simpler, more straightforward and succeeds in spades by streamlining their approach ever so slightly. With new drummer Ed Farnsworth getting more comfortable, the quintet has decided to go for a more direct approach while still managing to drone out to the outer atmosphere in a way that is naturally quite mind-numbing. In earlier releases the band would just zone out from beginning to end. This time around songs such as "Inside," which has lovely dual layered vocals from lead singer Isobel panning from left to right while the guitars build and fuck with each other into a cacophony of brilliant, vibrant washes. The results are remarkable. (Matador)