Balanceman Well Balanced Meal

Balanceman is the project of one Jeremy Goody, who pools together an eclectic mix of beats, grooves and noises on this trippy Deluxe release. Goody knows how to noodle with his array of weird old equipment and we get an album that bears a striking resemblance to the releases of Mo' Wax, and artists like (-Ziq. There's a real post-rock experimental ethos to Well Balanced Meal and Goody shows no fear about really letting the weirdness fly. Some tracks are moody trip-hop efforts, some incorporate drum & bass structures and others borrow from good old fashioned hip-hop beats. The end result works quite well. "Billie Monday" is a great example of how he delicately mixes chunky drum loops with pretty bells, guitar effects and even string sounds. "West 18" and "Wersa" drop some abstract jazz styles into the mix and the end result is downright cool. Check out "For Teen Sexonds," a deep and groovy track that sounds, well... dirty. Not for the faint of ears, Balanceman's debut offers up a heady collection of sounds that would work well in a variety of listening environments. (Deluxe)