Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse / Suffer / No Control / Against the Grain / Generator

With Bad Religion, the godfathers of melodic aggressive punk rock now back and rocking harder than ever — if you thought their last disc rocked, just wait ’til you hear their excellent new one — the time to re-release their essential back catalogue in re-mastered form couldn’t be better. Everything from their first release through Generator (the last really good album until The Process of Belief) with the obvious exception of the new wave-flavoured Into the Unknown sounds bigger and beefier than the original releases. Unlike other re-master packages, though, these discs contain nothing in the way of added material — although on Generator, they’ve included the original versions of "Fertile Crescent” and "Heaven is Falling” that were originally released on a benefit seven-inch. As a trade-off, the CDs are reasonably priced so you won’t feel like you’re getting ripped off. Highly recommended for both those new to the band and owners of the thin-sounding originals. (Epitaph)