Babe Rainbow Sheds Light on New Screwed Mixtape Series

Babe Rainbow Sheds Light on New Screwed Mixtape Series
When it comes to Vancouver’s music scene, there are few who are busier than Cameron Reed. While he spends a good chunk of time prepping local music festival Music Waste and other events like the Victory Square Block Party, the guy is also dominating our ear drums with his eerie electronic project Babe Rainbow.

Earlier this year Warp Records released his debut EP Shaved, a dementedly dark collection of slow-wobbling grooves that sounded like it came from the bowels of dubstep hell. A few months back we also told you about his hip-hop mixtape Screwed, which similarly slunk rap classics by Lil Wayne and Notorious B.I.G. down to a snail’s pace as per the syrup-celebrating tradition of chopped and screwed remixes.

With no immediate plans for any original material, it looks as if Reed is going to keep rolling out the remixes. Last week, he debuted the first volume of his new screwed series Let Me Buy You, Anne Drank, which freezes up a number of his current hip-hop favourites. The first of the free online mix features tryptophan-tinged takes on Freddie Gibbs’s “National Anthem (Fuck the World)” and Yung Clova’s “Money in the Sky,” among others.

While keeping things as glacially paced as his work on Shaved, working with certain soul samples has warmed up his otherwise frightening sound. In an email to Exclaim!, Reed suggests this project comes as a turning point in his young career.

“The new Babe Rainbow stuff is essentially really slow, realllllly textured hip-hop. So I think these mixes will provide context to where I'm at musically,” he writes. “Rap has influenced my music since I started making it. There are elements in the first EP and a lot of my remix that I hear an influence of rap. As far as my new songs go it'll just be a little more obvious. Especially the slow spacious style of chopped and screwed.”

While the prospect of Babe Rainbow attaching a modern hip-hop sound to the skeletal strains of dubstep sounds mighty intriguing, don’t hold your breath for any of his own compositions at the moment. Reed admits he’s been tinkering with some new tunes — “I have a big batch of new original production that I'm currently work on putting out,” he confides — but right now he’s too focused on Let Me Buy You, Anne Drank.

“I'm going to start doing these mixes more often,” Reed says. “I'll put out a Halloween edition of Let Me Buy You, Anne Drank in the next couple weeks.”

The 18-minute Let Me Buy You, Anne Drank Vol. 1 can be downloaded here, while a teaser to Vol. 2, a creepy-crawl rendition of Mobb Deep’s “Hell on Earth,” can be previewed here.

Let Me Buy You, Anne Drank Vol. 1

Freddie Gibbs - “National Anthem (Fuck the World)”
Squadda B - “I Think I Love Life (Outro Flow)”
Young Gully - “ST8 Up Menace”
OFWGKTA - “Round and Round”
Yung Clova - “Money in the Sky”