Azealia Banks "No Problem" (Angel Haze diss track)

Azealia Banks 'No Problem' (Angel Haze diss track)
Yesterday (January 3), a beef between New York rappers Angel Haze and Azealia Banks went public over Twitter, and was cemented via Haze's diss track "On the Edge." Banks has now hit back with a track of her own called "No Problem."

The synth-scree and booming bass beat, courtesy of Machinedrum, scores Banks' calm and collected yet antagonistic comeback, which points to Haze apparently being a wannabe ("Who her? I'm a true star!"). Yung Rapunzel also delivers a double-shot by castigating Haze over a rumoured aborted hook-up attempt and her Detroit upbringing ("You not my type, I need a hotter bitch from New York").

Haze has already responded to the diss on Twitter and hinted at more diss tracks to come. "I couldn't even play that weak shit all the way thru, bruh. ANYWAY 6pm. you some trash."