The Auras "Sure Shot" (video)

The Auras 'Sure Shot' (video)
Toronto psychedelic pop band the Auras will be celebrating Saturn Day with a new EP in January, and as a preview of what's in store, the group are premiering a video for the track "Sure Shot."

The song is bright and bubbly pop tune with chiming garage-pop guitar tones, a spaced-out solo and reverb-flecked psych harmonies. The accompanying visuals from Ryan Masters emphasize the druggy psychedelic vibe, as we see a haze of colour-tinted lights, disco balls and flickering abstractions.

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream by watching the premiere of the clip below. Saturn Day will follow in January 2016.

Masters is also working on his first full length film called Pilgrim, which is set for release this winter.