AudioOpera "Forever" (Kurama & Aamourocean remix)

AudioOpera  'Forever' (Kurama & Aamourocean remix)
Toronto-based producer AudioOpera released his latest EP Flying from the River last year, and now a track from that release has been given the remix treatment.
The tune's new take arrives courtesy of the producer's pals, France-based music makers Kurama and Aamourocean. It's a dynamic cut that blends layers of instrumentation, electronic manipulation and vocals, starting off soothing and spacey, but building into bursts of frenetic electro energy.
"Kurama & Aamourocean's remix speaks to me in a very nostalgic way," AudioOpera tells Exclaim! "It nods to a time of MySpace and top friends, but also lends a glimpse into the future."
You can hear Kurama and Aamourocean's time-travelling remix of "Forever" down below.