Atoms for Peace Detail 'Amok'

Atoms for Peace Detail 'Amok'
Last month, we heard word that Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace would be delivering their long-awaited debut LP Amok January 28 through XL. Well, we called it a rumour for a reason, as the LP's official release date has now been locked down for a month later, with the record hitting retailers February 26 in North American and a day earlier in Europe.

Yorke himself confirmed the details of the set in a blog post on Radiohead's website. He also let loose the bold, back and white visuals for the album cover, which you can check out above. While that rumoured release date was wrong, the suspected tracklisting was spot-on and does indeed feature the troupe's previously released single "Default," though not its B-side "What the Eyeballs Did."

While tour dates behind the debut disc have yet to be announced, it seems as if Yorke is hoping to get down to business with Atoms for Peace at some point in 2013, once he recovers from some intense Radiohead travelling.

"I'm still reeling from being on tour for much of the year but we are planning to get together and play etc next year! We're figuring all that out right now," he said, adding of his newer band, "Atoms is a ongoing and open ended project, where it leads i know not for certain .... which is what is nice about it."


1. Before Your Very Eyes… 

2. Default

3. Ingenue

4. Dropped

5. Unless

6. Stuck Together Pieces

7. Judge, Jury and Executioner

8. Reverse Running

9. Amok