Atom And His Package Hair:Debatable

Atom Goren polarises people. His music, a bizarre mixture of pop, punk and dance set to exuberant-sounding sequenced beats and accompaniment, draws either the instant loathing or immediate adoration. There seems to be no middle ground for this man and his package. Whether you love him or hate him, however, there is no denying the unique approach he took to music making with Atom and His Package. Hair:Debatable is the final release from Atom, a live CD culled from his final performance on August 29, 2003. Containing 27 tracks, the band’s strongest material is all represented here; from the new-age worship of "Pumping Iron For Enya” to the more socially aware "If You Own The Washington Redskins You’re A Cock.” Even "Shopping Spree,” replete with hilarious introduction, is included on the disc. While the validity of a live performance that at times is nothing more than very good karaoke may be questioned at times, there is no denying the energy present at this show, and the enthusiasm that is infused into every single song. Also included is a bonus DVD with plenty of extras, including the concert in its entirety and several documentaries. (Hopeless)