The Atom Age Kill City Surf

Upon the outset of Kill City Surf, one can't help but think that a band striving to infuse their pop punk and basic ska influences with aspects of punk rock'n'roll is just a bad, bad idea. Then, as tracks such as "Atom Man," "Much Harder" and "Look, Watch And Listen" barrel out of the speakers, the mind instantly regresses to a time when the genius of Rocket From the Crypt managed to do the same, making horns in a rock band, up-picking and sticky melodies cool again. While the Atom Age are still a long way from attaining such heights, Kill City Surf is one hell of a step in the right direction. Energetic, yet well planned, and primal while composed, this debut is sure to establish them as primary heirs to that cobwebbed throne. That said, these boys might be fun, frolicking and frenetic but at 45 minutes, they're also chewing on a lot of fat. A touch too long, Kill City Surf overstates its point, ignoring one of the first directives of punk rock'n'roll: hit 'em hard and get out fast. (Solidarity)