Atlas Sound Offer Up New Bonus EP

Atlas Sound Offer Up New Bonus EP
No one has been burned worse by Internet leaks than Deerhunter front-man Bradford Cox. His band's 2008 album Microcastle was posted on a message board five months before it was due out in stores. Deerhunter then recorded another album, Weird Era Cont., with the intention of packaging as a bonus disc for Microcastle's physical release, but that also leaked when Cox unintentionally posted a link to his personal MediaFire account on his blog, as well as an unfinished version of Logos, which was intended to be his second solo album under his Atlas Sound moniker.

Now, 14 months later, the completed version of Logos is due out next Tuesday (October 20). As an added incentive to purchase the album, 4AD has announced that those who order it from Rough Trade will also receive a free EP. The limited-edition disc has six tracks, two of which are different versions of songs that appear on Logos. Three of the tracks are brand new, while the other is a traditional called "Ruben."

It's good news for fans, and it's also good news for Cox, seeing as it's less than a week until the release date and the EP still hasn't leaked.

Rough Trade EP:

1. "Ruben" (traditional)

2. "Criminals" (electronic version)

3. "Kid Klimax" (acoustic version)

4. "Reminder" (previously unreleased)

5. "I Know I Will Escape" (previously unreleased)

6. '"Nightwork" (previously unreleased)