Ativin Interiors

Returning for their second full-length album after a small hiatus are Indiana's Ativin, who basically are planet Earth's true answer to combining art and science into sound, in the full on "art" glory scope of things. While there are trace elements of that Chicago math-rock jazz sound (circa 1995), the trio, for the most part, redesign new ground, just like how a nuclear meltdown would be triggered by a machine sporting components of a northwest U.S. ambient slow-core sound (Stars of the Lid) with a giant medicinal spell of a vintage English-issue melodic concept album grope (Pink Floyd) and the occasional jazz-rock jaunt to see how many triplets on the drum can be fired between a quick paced guitar riff (Shellac). The recording production executed by member Daniel Burton is perfect, real and ultra-believable - he smoothes out any harsh dynamics and edges that would immediately alienate certain listeners from falling under their unpretentious omnipresent spell. Interiors is surely destined to be the soundtrack to a foreign psychologically psychedelic spy film. (Secretly Canadian)