Ashley Naylor Ashley Naylor's Four Track Mind

As part of Australian power-pop band Even, Ashley Naylor must have been stifling a whole side of his musical persona. Even specialise in making music that sounds as if it could have been part of the ’60s British Invasion, yet for his solo debut, Naylor has gone a completely different route altogether. Ashley Naylor’s Four Track Mind is a lot more country than anybody had any right to expect, and while it might not have the home recording quality that its name implies, the stripped down sound is a refreshing change of pace. It is a solo record in the true sense of the word, with Naylor recording the entire album by himself, hence the one-dimensional sound, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it could use some variety. Naylor has obviously listened to a few Neil Young albums in his time and that influence has shaped much of this record. That’s why, perhaps, this sounds like a record without a home; it doesn’t really sound Australian or American — someone even dubbed it "Australiana” but even that doesn’t quite cut it. All the pieces of the puzzle just don’t fit together on Ashley Naylor’s Four Track Mind for reasons that aren’t immediately apparent. There are moments that come close but ultimately, this a record that falls just short in so many ways. (Elephant Stone)