Asesino Corridos De Muerte

Reportedly made up of members of Fear Factory and Static X, Asesino are the newest Brujeria spin-off project: all death, all masks, all Español. Front-man/bassist Maldito X (aka Static X's Tony Campos) dutifully adds his guttural growl to the mix, and the throat-slitting title track exemplifies the trio's slant on Jarcor (hardcore) and Mexican murder metal. "Rey De La Selva" and "Cyko Maton" showcase the ultra tight interplay between guitarist Asesino (Fear Factory/Brujeria axe-man Dino Cazares) and superior drummer Greñudo (Fear Factory's Raymond Herrera) by decelerating the killing sprees for more memorable songwriting. Starting with the roar of a chainsaw, "Despedazando Muertos," then "Corrido Del Asesino" and "Carnicero," feature guitar fluttering and whines reminiscent of The Bleeding-era Cannibal Corpse, while "Sequestro Nuestro," "Amor Marrano" and "Luchador Violador" parallel Napalm Death's recent return to brutality. "La Ejecucion" begins with a moody spoken-word prayer then dives in and out of machine-gun riffage and drumbeats. Ending with an ominous phone message, like the ones that pepper any Brujeria record, Corridos De Muerte makes up for its own repetitiveness with a relentless grinding fury and lyrical assault that would cause your high-school Spanish teacher to recoil in fear. (Kool Arrow)