As Cities Burn Come Now Sleep

With a name like As Cities Burn, and Solid State as a label, newcomers might get the wrong impression that this is another heavy hitting metal act. Instead it’s an alternative progressive rock group that sound like a combination of Moneen and Jimmy Eat World. A slow start to Come Now Sleep leads to foot-stomping hard rock filled with distorted, chomping vocals and the catchy harmony found in "Empire.” Come Now Sleep has its share of slow rock tracks filled with noisy atmospheric guitar workmanship, while audio segment injections over slow drum beats supply the prog-y indie feel found on "Clouds” and "Wrong Body.” Much of their quicker rock tracks are in line with the indie rock guitar work and rhythms that recall Further Seems Forever before Chris Carrabba’s resignation. As a whole, this album doesn’t have enough energy to defy its title, and the potential found in some tracks doesn’t make enough of an impact to counteract the poorer ones. However, I will tip my hat in the direction of guitar/vocalist Cody Bonette and his analogous Bright Eyes voice that’s constantly soft and harsh. (Solid State)