Arto Lindsay Salt

After aborting DNA, the first great Noo Yawk noise rock band, you’d think it would be easy to peg Arto Lindsay when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In the years since his ear-bleeding early days, Lindsay has discovered his roots in Brazilian jazz and combined it with the concrete rhythms of urban electronic music. His sixth studio album, Salt, finds Lindsay further refining his style and honing what would normally be an unlikely combination of festive traditional Brazilian music and smooth beats. Unlike other acts that mingle styles and lean more upon one than the other, making the lesser style a footnote, Lindsay co-mingles the styles so evenly that it’s impossible to think that one could stand up without the other. Further, on songs like "Habite Em Mim,” "Twins” and "Make That Sound,” Lindsay’s passive vocal style gives Salt a reserved feel that fits into neither style, making it a totally unique entity operating outside of its influences. All analysis aside, Salt is a fantastic record. The festive nature of the music makes it ideal lounging music for a summer patio. Everything about Salt conjures images of sunshine and romance. Take it home, crack a Corona and enjoy. (Righteous Babe)